Pick-up Line Procedures

 Below is the car drop-off/pick-up plan.

  • One way traffic will be required around the block immediately before and after school.
  • Cars will not be ticketed in the yellow "no parking" areas as long as parents remain in the running car while waiting.
  • School bell rings at 8:15 Students are tardy after 8:20. Students are dismissed at 3:20. Please do not stop mid-block but pull up as far east as possible so more cars can unload and students do not get marked tardy. (Tardy= after 8:20)
  • Students at doors are supervised from 8:05-8:15.
  • Children should wait patiently on Congress Street sidewalk after school, wait with siblings and watch for parents' car. They should not be playing on the grass. Students should board the vehicle from the sidewalk side (south) so parents do not have to get out of the car and hold up the line.
  • Warning: Drivers who ignore the temporary roadblocks can be ticketed.
  • Do not drop off or pick up students on any street but Congress.
  • Please go over this procedure with your children and help us make this method safe for everyone before and after school. When all follow these procedures we can get students unloaded/loaded in 10 minutes so please help make this happen.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our children safe.