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Pick-up Line Procedures

In an effort to make our drop-off/pick-up procedure more efficient, yet safe, the following plan has been developed. This plan will be followed from 8:00 am-8:30 am and 2:45 pm-3:30 pm.

Students can be dropped off anywhere along the sidewalk in front of the elementary school. If parents need to get out of the vehicle to help students get set, park in the parking lot and walk children to the sidewalk. Parents should not exit vehicle in the turnaround as this hold up everyone.

After school, use the turnaround and move your vehicle up as far as possible so any students can be loaded into vehicles at one time. This will significantly shorten pick up time for everyone.

Parents who enter the parking lot must park and exit the vehicle to walk students from sidewalk back to the vehicle. Circling the parking lot is not permitted. Students will not be permitted to cross to the parking lot without an adult.

Rules that need to be followed to make it safe for everyone:

● Please use the crosswalks with or without your child(ren). We are modeling safety for everyone.
● In order to keep pedestrian and car traffic flowing, please wait for the teachers to cross
● Children may only load in cars from the sidewalk. We will not allow children to walk around the car to get in. If car seats are an issue, we ask that you move them accordingly.
● Please stay off cell phones while in the pick-up line (walking or driving)
● Do not get out of your car. If your child needs assistance with seat belts. we ask that you park and walk to meet them.
● Parking is only allowed in the parking lot. Please do not use it to create another pick-up line.
● Please do not park in handicap stall without the proper stickers.